The Magic of Sound (Part 1)

Bowers & Wilkins, Steinway & Sonus Faber speakers.

To some of us sound is not a phenomenon but in fact a part of nature, of our lives and then there some who are obsessed with it. And I don’t just put scientist in this category; I mean musicians and an entire industry that is dedicated to achieving the perfection of sound. It is so much more than simple sound waves out of speakers falling on our ear drums, companies like Bowers & Wilkins, Sonus Faber, McIntosh and Steinway Lyngdorf have dedicated decades to take sound and turn it into a soulful experience and that is exactly where the “Magic of Sound” begins.

Synergy too has a passion for sound and once you have that passion it is hard to lose it. It has made it’s mission to introduce these masters of sound to its clients by introducing their products in the Pakistani market.

This article will embark it’s readers on a magical journey in the land of sound highlighting the best in speakers, to amplifiers and stereo systems.

Bowers & Wilkins (B & W)

Obsessed with the idea of developing perfect speakers, Bowers and Wilkins has combined extreme engineering and aesthetics to introduce products that range from Hi-fi surround sound systems to speakers and subwoofers for home cinemas, cars and much more.

Notable B&W products include:

  • Nautilus: After 5 years of pioneering research, the Nautilus range was introduced, a hi-fi speaker that in B & W’s words “embodies the quest for perfection”.
  • 800 Series Diamond Series: This series is the first choice of music enthusiasts all over the world. 800 series embodies power and clarity combined with unparalleled technology.
  • 600 Series: Suited for home theater in small or medium sized room the 600 series is the perfect set of speakers for experiencing sound at its best


B&W can also be found in select Jaguar models such as the XJ, XF, and XK.


The B & W speakers make a great choice for home theater system, a bedroom or apartment stereo system or as surround sound speakers. They’re easy on the ears, and have a very balanced sound quality.


Steinway Lyngdorf


A Steinway Lyngdorf enthusiast writes “When God and Mozart Hang Out, They Listen to These Speakers”.


Once you experience Steinway Lyngdorf speakers, you can’t help but agree to the aforementioned notion. Speakers that are designed to follow “RoomPerfect™ calibration” as a cardinal rule, with finish that is tasteful and minimalist; Steinway Lyngdorf speakers give meaning to the word sound.


Notable Steinway Lyngdorf products include:

  • Model D: Launched in 2007, Model D features digital amplification and signal processing. This audio system combines the timeless aesthetics and craftsmanship of a Steinway grand piano with the digital wizardry of renowned audio designer Peter Lyngdorf.
  • Model LS: Embedded with Lyngdorf’s trademark digital amplification and room-correction technologies, the Model LS speakers deliver ingenuously crisp audio that sounds virtually the same throughout the entire listening space.
  • In wall Series: Design to deliver high performance hidden behind the fabric panels, the “In wall” series is nothing but magic. The in wall series has a larger cabinet size and efficient drivers resulting higher sensitivity and improved dynamics.


The Steinway Lyngdorf surround sound systems comes with a complete set of solutions including stereo processors, amplifiers, surround sound processors to deliver the ultimate resonance experience.


Sonus Faber


Famous for its dark wood cabinets and dynamic sound, this Italian brand is one of the leading names in audiophile loudspeakers worldwide. Sonus Faber’s continued success lies in its constant technology up-gradation without compromising its signature Italian touch.


Notable Sonus Faber products include:

  • Olympica Series: The Sonus Faber Olympica series is perfect blend of technology, classic craftwork, and performance consistency. Sonus Faber is not just aesthetically pleasing speaker system; it is backed up by strong technology.
  • Venere Line: In the face of stiff competition, Venere line hits the market with its signature “lyre shape” with improved surround sound results. The Venere speakers incorporate that broader stereo image seamlessly into any listening space, with sound floating beautifully around the room.
  • Amati Series: So far 3 speakers have been launched under the Amati umbrella. Inside that stunning enclosure, the Futura represents a complete modification of the earlier Amatis, with some of its technology trickled down from a flagship speaker and a better solution to control cabinet vibration resonance.


In all Sonus Faber speakers are superbly engineered and brilliantly finished and it just justifies fine sound quality with drop dead gorgeous looks!

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