The Sound of Magic (Part 2)

McIntosh Amplifiers
We are all aware of the importance of amplifiers and the difference they can make in sound output. But the important question is which amplifiers high end music systems can be paired up with? There are many ways to classify amplifiers but most agree that superior quality amplifiers have lowest distortion rate and they will not lose their sound output on either low or high volumes.


The second part of “Sound of Music” focuses entirely on power amplifiers that can be paired up with high end music systems mentioned in our previous blog. These amplifiers are not only aesthetically rich but are known for their unparallel quality.



Speak “amplifiers” and one will immediately think McIntosh! The sound technology based on scientific principles has faced decades of challenges and competitions ad not only survived but came on the top as a benchmark for the entire industry to follow. McIntosh has taken the amplifier business a step ahead they not only offer power amplifiers but preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers as well as headphone amplifiers for a complete music experience.


These brands are one of the longest living legends in the high end audio history power amplifiers are the first choice of home theater enthusiasts. Synergy highly recommends the following power amplifiers


MC2807: Launched with the new LED meter, MC2807 is a highly recommended amplifier for home theaters. It has the capacity to deliver the powerful sound your home theatre demands with minimum sound distortion. This amplifier is installed the McIntosh’s Dynamic Power Manager® (DPM) circuit delivering same 200 Watts per channel into either 4-Ohm or 8-Ohm speakers, ensuring a dynamic sound experience.


MC2KW: MC2KW Monoblock gives meaning to the word “power”. Featuring the Quad Balanced Circuitry, this amplifier delivers 2000 watts of continuous power and 8000 watts peak power. These are most often the preferred choice of audiophiles. The ability to duplicate live music when combined with high end loudspeakers, gives MC2Kw edge over other amplifiers. With the iconic blue Watt meter, this amplifier’s performs as well as good aesthetics, is a win-win for sound lovers!


MC 501: This amplifier is dressed up in the classic black McIntosh chassis with some truly amazing features. MC 501 reproduces sound without any strain or harshness and with great details. It is capable of putting out a continuous 500 watts into eight, four, or two Ohms and peaks of up to 1,200 watts, which is a great deal of power for its price.


Mark Levinson


The Mark Levinson brand has been pulled under the Harmon Group umbrella as their luxury brand. The Mark Levinson amplifiers make you believe that much difference a good amplifier make to an already high end sound system / speakers. The hardcore Mark Levinson fans will have something to cheer about while those who are not its fans yet will soon join the club.


No. 23.5: “Don’t let the small size fool you”, this amplifier is packed with powerful supply and output transistors and delivers a big sound punch. Built to last with it’s heavy solid construction, 23.5 has a powerful, authoritative and fast bass with the ability to deliver great and clear sound on higher frequencies.


Nº532: This amplifier comes in an unusual design and many great advantages, including higher resolution, better bass definition, greater focus and more precise dynamic control. As the competition stiffens, Mark Levinson launched Nº532 with its proprietary ML Net and Link2 inter-device communication protocols, allowing the Nº 532 to be easily integrated and controlled by other Mark Levinson devices. It is a great choice for audiophiles who are always looking for something more.

Nº 52: Continuing on its journey of superior sound, Mark Levinson launched the Nº52 series with elegance and simplicity at heart. With seven analogue inputs, two sets of pre-outs, configurable additional auxiliary pair of XLR and RCA outputs and much more, Nº 52 won the “Outstanding Product” in 2014. This amplifier with perfect craftsmanship and extreme engineering has become an industrial benchmark and the first choice of all those who know their music.


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