Security & Communications

Safety and security solutions allow you to check in from wherever you are. Intelligent security puts peace of mind at your fingertips so you can rest assured that all is safe. You can lock the doors and arm the alarm, all with a single touch directly from an intuitive user interface on a touchscreen device.

  • Receive alerts when someone enters the premises or a door is left open.
  • Get a complete view of the porch and the door without physically moving to the door
  • Randomize lights and audio/video equipment to make it look like you are present at the premises, even when you’re not.
  • Monitor camera footage straight from your mobile device.

Comfort and Convenience

Synergy’s goal is to create functional spaces for smart living. Our home technology solutions are engineered to provide unparalleled convenience, flexibility and peace of mind. We work with the leading brands in the business and employ internationally standardized methods for design, engineering, project management, and installation.

Smart Shading Solutions

Motorized roller shades and drapery tracks with unique advantages of silent operation, excellent built quality and aesthetics, and intelligence for recalling desired preset positions.  Finely crafted window shades, with great attention to detail and a wide range of designer fabrics with sheer, translucent and blackout features.

  • Whisper quiet, silent operation, so smooth that you may not even notice until the ambiance completely transforms
  • Program the shades to recall positions during the hottest hours of the day
  • Manage energy without comprising style with hundreds of window treatment fabric and color options available to choose from
  • Preset memory feature allows to set the shades to exact positions.

Smart Lighting Control

The lighting control system provides you with the power to transform any space with light at the touch of a button. Control the light in a single room or throughout your home using a handheld remote, wall-mounted keypad, tabletop control, or your smartphone and tablet.

  • Save energy with discreet occupancy & vacancy sensors. Ensure that lights are turned off when rooms are unoccupied.
  • Ideal for new construction or retrofit applications that can be scaled from a single area to a building, or to a campus with many buildings.
  • Customize areas of your home to meet your needs. Lighting control can make your lights more intuitive and personalized to your lifestyle.
  • Seamlessly integrate technology into your home. Light control system can combine with audio, video, security, and HVAC.
  • Remotely set lighting moods to your favorite presets.