BEST HOME CINEMA OVER £100,000 (130,000 EUROS) | 2016

The client is a seasoned audiophile and building a private cinema was one of his wishes. Furthermore, he wanted all equipment to be out of sight and to “celebrate the true theatrical spirit of the 1920s.”Synergy Technologies looked at French cinemas from the early 20th century. The final design concealed all speakers, while keeping the aesthetics of the room. The audio system consists of 33 speakers and 24 invisible surround and height channels. The video system features a Sony VL-VW5000es projector, a 202” Stewart Filmscreen Cine-W screen, and a motorized curved curtail track.

The Meyer Sound RM server can monitor the status of different speakers’ temperature and operation. The detailed user interface is loaded onto an iPad Pro A simpler user interface can be access via the client’s iPhone or an iWatch.


BEST HOME CINEMA OVER £40,000 – £100,000 (48,000 – 120,000 EUROS) | 2013

A holiday home in Pakistan features a contemporary-styled home cinema. For a true cinematic experience, the system includes a CineVersum BlackWing Four HD Projector, with anamorphic lens, and a curved Stewart Cine-W fixed screen to enable movies to be watched a super-wide CinemaScope format. Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series speakers, linked to a Rotel surround sound processor and power amplifiers, provide the optimum sound accompaniment. CinemaTech leather recliners also enhance he viewing experience.Working with the architect, wooden louvred have been fitted on the walls, with back lighting, to hide the acoustic treatments concealed within fabric cladding; as the client was adamant, they should not be visible.



Requiring a space where the family and friends can escape the worries for their daily lives, the client turned to Synergy Technologies to create a sanctuary that delivers an immersive AV experience. After spending time at the integrator’s showroom, the client took a keen interest in the AV performance that could be achieved, as well as the room design, acoustics and comfort levels.

To meet the requirements of superb performance and immersive sound, the integrator specified a B&W 800 Diamond Series system with a Mcintosh MX-160 processor to deliver the 3D audio. For the visual element, Synergy Technologies opted for a DILA projector to achieve the best contrast of black levels and a Screen Innovation projection screen in cinemascope format.

Simplicity of operation held prime importance as the room was to be used by all family members. Synergy Technologies leveraged innovative GUI methods to achieve this.

To avoid a full fabric paneled cinema, look and to keep the speakers invisible, Synergy Technologies concealed the surround speakers behind the wood finish perforated acoustic panels. The integrator carried out extensive listening tests as well as frequency response measurements to identify the best speaker positions in the panels, and carefully tweaked the wall elevation design and the distance of the speaker baffle behind the acoustic panels to achieve a completely invisible appearance, with no discernible loss in sonic performance.

GLOBAL WINNER | BEST MEDIA ROOM 2017 £15,000 (18,000 EUROS) | 2017

Synergy Technologies ticked all the boxes with this project, and created a fun, yet practical and multi-functional media room. The overall aesthetic of the room, audio and video calibration, and personal touches – like the height of variable coffee table that can double as a dinning table during movie watching- made this project stand out from other regional winners.The judges were particularly impressed with the attention to detail on specifics, such as the acoustic treatment, and the precise calibration of the speakers behind it. Not only were the judges impressed by this project, but so was the client – who has been enjoying the room ever since.


BEST INTEGRATED HOME OVER £250,000 (315,000 EUROS) | 2009

Synergy Technologies have delivered an unprecedented level of integration for this 44,000 sq ft property in Lahore and received a Highly Commended accolade in the process. The property boasts intelligent automation and high-performance audio and video systems throughout. Each one of the twenty-eight-wall mounted Creston touch panels offers total control of all the functions, from lighting and environment through to AV and surveillance. Anyone in the family can watch their choice of movie through the extensively deployed Kaleidescape system and listen to their choice of music through the Imerge sound via high-performance Bowers * Wilkins speakers. In addition to the CEDIA awards-winning 3.400 sq ft dedicated home cinema in the basement, there is a projector-based system in the pool room and a smaller home cinema near the bedrooms And, because of the sheet size of the property, a customized paging facility has been designed for each of the thirty-two audio zones so occupants can retreat… but not too far!