Video Displays

Central Video distribution allows for all video sources including satellite receivers, set-top boxes, disc players and video servers to be located centrally. The system feeds audiovisual and control signals through a single CAT cable, and provides an uncluttered setup of televisions.

  • Central installation of audiovisual sources
  • Elimination of racks and TV consoles in the rooms
  • Elimination of analogue coaxial cabling
  • Central control of all sources, televisions and concealment mechanisms
  • Sharing of sources between multiple televisions when desired
  • Simplified maintenance due to central location.

Music Systems

Architecturally integrated audio system solutions that blend seamlessly with the interior design and the exterior landscape while providing access to your selection of music in each area independently or collectively. Music sources may include music stored on a local storage drive, smartphone, tablet, or a variety of online streaming sources as well as legacy sources such as disc players.

  • Music with realism, clarity and impact that will satisfy the most discerning audiophiles.
  • Play or stop music in a single area, or group areas together
  • Select music from any source wirelessly
  • Control volume individually or collectively
  • Conveniently create playlists and queues and edit as desired

Home Cinemas

With a dedicated home cinema room, you never have to leave home for cinematic experience again. Our dedicated cinemas incorporate luxurious electric reclining seats, an unparalleled projection system, architectural lighting, high performance sound systems and acoustic treatments to guarantee a jaw-dropping immersive movie viewing experience for you.

Media Rooms

Synergy’s audiovisual solutions are seamlessly integrated into the interior to transform a common sitting area into a Media Room where the entire family enjoys the highest standard in entertainment lifestyle. Our approach to media room goes way beyond installing just a display and speakers. Synergy promises to deliver excellence in the cinematic experience.