Project Description

BEST MEDIA ROOM £15,000 (18,000 EUROS) | 2013

A high-performance media room cleverly integrated within a large open-plan space. The brief was to build a discreet media room within a multi-purpose living area. The solution needed to be completely concealed, when not in use, and achieve the optimum acoustic performance without impacting the interior design.

To create an ‘invisible’ system, Synergy Technologies mounted a Cineversum HD/3D projector on a motorized lift alongside a power-driven Draper Premier CinemaScope format screen; which reveals a 60” LED TV when out of view. The Bowers and Wilkins front speakers and subwoofers are located within a cabinet surrounding the screen area with the remaining speakers hidden in the ceiling.

To address the acoustic challenges presented by the granite floor and expansive glazing, extensive absorptive and diffusive elements have been integrated into the ceiling along with dual-lined acoustically absorbent drapery.
The power room serving the media room area has also been fitted with a TV for picture viewing, so as not to miss a scene from movie being played. A Creston control system enables simplicity of use, accessed through a wireless touch panel.

As a huge fan of action movies, the client was completely satisfied that the ‘electrifying’ sound quality had been achieved.

Project Details