Project Description
Synergy possesses the ability to see your home as more than an architectural piece. Our design engineers study every aspect of it to deliver comfort, functionality and seamless integration all at once. We begin every project with a spark of ingenuity, by carefully observing, listening and asking the right questions to achieve the desired end result.Our ability to generate various concepts establishes a solid foundation for a comprehensive design process. Ideas are transformed into home automation realities through the stages of concept initiation, process evaluation, design generation and finally to integration implementation.The design tasks of any project can be daunting, but our people are experienced at designing engineering solutions with shorter lead times, greater flexibility and uncompromised results. Synergy presents its clients with room by room schematic drawings and specifications outlining what is possible in each area upon completion of the installation and what upgrades are possible for the future. Our comprehensive client briefings and documentation keeps us focused on the task at hand and help us achieve results with greater client satisfaction.