Project Description

BEST HOME CINEMA OVER £100,000 (130,000 EUROS) | 2016

The client is a seasoned audiophile and building a private cinema was one of his wishes. Furthermore, he wanted all equipment to be out of sight and to “celebrate the true theatrical spirit of the 1920s.”Synergy Technologies looked at French cinemas from the early 20th century. The final design concealed all speakers, while keeping the aesthetics of the room. The audio system consists of 33 speakers and 24 invisible surround and height channels. The video system features a Sony VL-VW5000es projector, a 202” Stewart Filmscreen Cine-W screen, and a motorized curved curtail track.

The Meyer Sound RM server can monitor the status of different speakers’ temperature and operation. The detailed user interface is loaded onto an iPad Pro A simpler user interface can be access via the client’s iPhone or an iWatch.

Project Details