Crestron PinPoint: At the Edge of Magic


Crestron PinPoint Proximity Sensor is pure science that works like magic. First of its kinds in the automation industry, the PinPoint proximity detection beacon identifies your location and makes your home smarter.

 The sensor communicates to nearby mobile devices via Bluetooth. With PinPoint, the Crestron App solves the room default problem associated with mobile devices.

Many technologists define it’s functionality by saying “It knows where you are”. For instance, the sensor lets a music source follow a user from room to room. Users who turn on a music-streaming source in one room, for example, can walk to another room, and the source will automatically begin to play in that room. PinPoint knowing what room a person is in it automatically displays controls for that space on their iOS® device. Homeowners are no longer inconvenienced by having to navigate to different room menus on the app as they move through heir home. What is even more exciting is that the range of each sensor can be adjusted to 70 meters.

This device provides greater customization to best serve the individual family member’s need.
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