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Synergy’s Conference Room Solutions

Synergy’s Conference Room Solutions

Today’s technologists are striving to strike a balance between comfort and functionality. Smart Building’s biggest aim is to ensure that their users get the most value for the integrated services. The business solutions to TPL Holdings were also designed according to the energy management principles contributing enormously to the energy savings.

Lutron’s EnergiSavr Nodes, a lighting and shade control solution designed for commercial applications is integrated in the building to ensure that maximum energy can be saved. The managers’ offices are equipped with Lutron’s occupancy sensors. These automatically turn lights on when a room is occupied and off when a room is vacant or based on the amount of daylight available.


The TPL Holdings conference and training room demonstrates our state of the art conferencing solutions. These facilities are equipped with dedicated audio video presentation systems. Following the one touch operations philosophy, the motorized projection screen and concealed projector are only revealed upon command. The entire equipment is integrated in complete unison, saving the company from the traditional practice from conference room setups and providing an enriching experience to business associates.

To ensure that the employees and business guests step into an enriched working environment, in-ceiling speakers have been installed in all public areas integrated with wireless surround sound system.

Integrated solution with right design strategies can help businesses to achieve organizational efficiency through its smart building solutions.

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