About Us

Synergy Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. was a humble vision that has grown through sheer dedication and passion into Pakistan’s leading lifestyle and smart solutions curator for premier spaces.

In a relentless pursuit of both luxury and performance over the last two decades, Synergy has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands in automation, audiovisual, interiors, lighting and wellness.

Our projects are a blend of simplicity and sophistication, comfort and functionality, aesthetics and sensational experience. We leverage solutions to help create the environment of your dreams.

William W. Stubbs

“Comfort and function are the most critical ingredients to a beautiful room.”American interior designer


We strive to retain our leadership position and continue to innovate within the automation & audio visual sector.

Employees – We instil pride in our team

Customers – We provide experience beyond ordinary

Partners – We uphold their interest as our own


Leadership – Lead from the front, anticipate future, encourage ideas, accept change and develop leaders from within.

Excellence Passion to succeed, bring out the best through continuous improvement and remain consistent.

IntegrityBusiness and personal ethics, high moral values and adherence to company policies.

RespectTreat others like you would like to be treated and respect diversity.

ResponsibilityTake ownership, develop and empower people. Recognize performance and ensure accountability.

CollaborationPromote teamwork, openness & transparency involving all stakeholders.